January 18, 2011

I can't stop smiling

College was one of the best times of my life. I had so much fun, made some life long friends and met my husband. One of the things my girlfriends and I did to entertain each other was draw cartoons. Just little stick figure stories of dates we had or funny things that happen. I'm not sure how it started but it was so much fun. I've saved a few favorites and look at them when I need to laugh.

Today I got the mail, went through the regular bills and was so excited to see a real letter from my friend Brittany. I opened it and was overjoyed to find she made me a book and filled it with the same stick figure cartoons. I've had a few bad days lately and it's just what I needed today!

Sometimes an encouraging word or prayer is what you need, but today a stick figure book was even better!


  1. Love it!! Only Brit could dream this one up!!

  2. Soooo sweet! That real, true friend knew exactly what you needed! I love you, Mames! -Hayley

  3. Just perfect!!! - Becca

  4. how did we ever pass college? Because I spent every class making cartoons just like this... I don't remember a single thing some of my professors says, but I darn sure can remember the cartoons we made in class... What a great memory... and great laughter... LOVE it.