January 10, 2011

No more

It's not often that I blog about my chronic and auto-immune diseases. They are part of my life, but I don't want that to become who I am. I currently have 3 chronic conditions: Crohn's disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia. The crohn's and RA have mostly been under control since the spring of last year. Last week I developed a heart problem. My heart rate increased for some unknown reason and since Wednesday I've been on bed rest until the problem is diagnosed. It's really easy to feel sorry for yourself when you're tired and on the couch most of the day. I let the feeling take me over, but today I decided that I am not my disease(s).
This morning I was reading some blogs and came across a great post on my friend Angie's page. Angie is an amazing writer and so creative, I can't say enough good things about her. She found these great and FREE craft projects. I may have to sit but there's no reason to sit and do nothing. Just because I'm on "bed rest" there are things I can do, and this project involved coloring. For some reason, coloring is very relaxing for me. So, I printed out the templates, we listened to Hanson and Hootie, had a great time making Katie's Paper City.

Katie's paper city

I love the little cars


  1. Thinking of you and hoping the drs find answers SOON! (((Hugs)))

    When are we joining households again?

  2. What a great bed rest activity!! You're such a good mommy, even when you're not feeling well. Katie is blessed to have you.

  3. katie's city is adorable! i think i had just as much fun with our cities as my kids did! funny how coloring and cutting are fun no matter what your age :)
    i love you so much sweetie!

  4. love the city!!! i want to do one with bel. you are so much more than an illness!!! praying for you and you continue to be strong i know it is so hard!! you are a great mom!! -missy

  5. I love the city! It reminds me of the paper dolls we used to have. Wish I could come play paper stuff with ya'll. I'd love to show you how to make another kind of paper house.