March 29, 2011


I spent most of yesterday looking at old pictures.

This is one of my favorites...

.....and here are some more.

My neighbor is an amazing painter and did an wonderful job painting one of my favorites for me.

March 28, 2011


I love seeing Katie interact with her friends. Girl's play is so much different than boys, even at this age. Katie already likes to talk on the phone. I'm a little afraid of the teenage years but as long as she has the same sweet friends I think we'll be ok.

Katie and Annmarie
Katie and Bella

We went to the Brain Bonanza on Saturday at the park. They gave each kid a bike helmet and had lots of games and fun things for the kids to do.

We saw some of our friends there and Katie was so excited. The carousel at the park had free rides so of course they had to ride together. After 3 rides the room was spinning but I think Katie and Bella would have ridden all day.


March 25, 2011

Friday fun

Last week I was outside doing some light tests with my camera and just happened to get these fun pictures.

Our bradford pear tree in bloom.

Making a birthday cake for the squirrels.
Sometimes you have the most fun when you're not planning it.

March 24, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

I love creativity and people that have the abilty to make beautiful things. I'm not crafty so I'm amazed at people that can take fabric and thread and make it into something . Here are some of my favories this week.

I'm obsessed with this camera bag, I want it so, so much!

I won a giveaway and got this beautiful neclace and earring set from Laura.

She also makes hairpins and lots of other cute things and the prices are so affordable.

My friend Alison (and my first college roommate) makes these. The last thing I got from her was supposed to be for my sister but I liked it so much I kept it for myself (sorry Sarah).

Her newest creation is the Lindsay Clutch. I love the name of her blog & shop because in college we had a pear-sticker collection on our doorway. We also had an entire white board wall.

Alison and I freshman year 1997
My amazing friend and another former roomie makes the most beautiful bags.

I like them even more because she started sewing to raise money to adopt a little girl from China. She got her placement a few months ago and will be traveling to China this spring to get Emery Lin!!!! I can't put into words how excited I am for her.

Shel, Jo, Ang and me
Roomies from the apt 1999

Do you have a favorite handmade blog or shop? I'd love to hear about it.

***disclaimer -  These are my own opinions. I was in no way compensated for these comments.***

March 23, 2011

Birthday Girls

I have three sisters and we had a lot of fun growing up together. I love the opportunity to take pictures of other sisters. These girls are very sweet and we had a good time together. They share a birthday month so I got to do some fun pictures with both of them. I was so glad their mom brought a smash cake for Bella, who turns 1 soon, she knew just what to do with it. They my be may favorite pictures I've ever taken.

March 21, 2011

My assistant

I had nice afternoon taking pictures with my favorite little assistant.

She did a great job.

March 20, 2011


Katie and I spent Saturday with my family celebrating my nephew Zac's 1st birthday. I love Zac, he is so sweet and loving. And his eyes, my goodness, they're beautiful. He had a circus party and my sister went above and beyond any expectiations. You're always guaranteed a great time at their house.

The birthday boy!
They had a bounce house for the kids. Katie and Ty had to try it out and I got some of my favorite pictures of them.

Happy birthday sweet boy!

March 17, 2011

Disney World part 4 - Animal Kingdom

My last Disney Post. I'm sure you're tired of reading them but it makes me feel like vacation is really over. I've already made my photo book from our trip. I can't wait for it to get here.

We spent a full day at Animal Kingdom. That day we decided to take an early break then come back and spend the evening there. It was a great idea. Animal Kingdom clears out in the evenings, the weather was great and we had so much fun.
there's a gorilla hiding, can you see him?

The main attraction is the Safari and it is really fun. We also took a walking tour and saw a lot of other animals. I enjoyed seeing the elephants and giraffes up close. We saw a lion too but I couldn't get a good picture of it.

Dan and I took turns riding Expedition Everest (or yetti -  that's what everyone in the park calls it). It was fun but the yetti was broken so we didn't get the full effect. A terrifying ride is Dinosaur, I've ridden it before and was still really scared.

Katie enjoyed Dino-Land. There was a big playground and a place to dig for bones. She also got her face painted, one of her favorite things. It was another great day.

Oh Disney, I miss you already.

March 16, 2011

Disney World part 3 - Hollywood Studios

We spent 1/2 a day at Hollywood Studios. It's wasn't the best day to be there, but Katie loved playing on the "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" playground.


She spent most of her day there while dan and I switched off riding the bigger rides.

rockin' rollercoaster is SO much fun!
There are a lot of shows that you have to show up for a 1/2 hour early and they last 30-45 min. It was hard for a 5 year old to be patient. Another problem was the heat and the crowd. We went on Fat Tuesday and it felt like all of New Orleans was there with us. By the time we got to the new Toy Story ride the wait time was already 90 min and the fast pass tickets were for return at 8pm. We didn't even attempt to do that.

We did all we could until lunchtime then went back to the hotel to swim. All of us were all tired and needed a break so we went out for a nice dinner then back to the hotel to play on the "honey, the kids are normal size" playground. (katie loved that little joke.)

After we played for a while and I lost Katie playing hide and seek in the dark (whoops), we took a little river cruise. It was so nice and the perfect evening for a boat ride. We had a good time looking around the other property and the boat captain gave Katie some pirate stuff. She looked so cute.

It ended up being one of our favorite days on vacation.