March 17, 2011

Disney World part 4 - Animal Kingdom

My last Disney Post. I'm sure you're tired of reading them but it makes me feel like vacation is really over. I've already made my photo book from our trip. I can't wait for it to get here.

We spent a full day at Animal Kingdom. That day we decided to take an early break then come back and spend the evening there. It was a great idea. Animal Kingdom clears out in the evenings, the weather was great and we had so much fun.
there's a gorilla hiding, can you see him?

The main attraction is the Safari and it is really fun. We also took a walking tour and saw a lot of other animals. I enjoyed seeing the elephants and giraffes up close. We saw a lion too but I couldn't get a good picture of it.

Dan and I took turns riding Expedition Everest (or yetti -  that's what everyone in the park calls it). It was fun but the yetti was broken so we didn't get the full effect. A terrifying ride is Dinosaur, I've ridden it before and was still really scared.

Katie enjoyed Dino-Land. There was a big playground and a place to dig for bones. She also got her face painted, one of her favorite things. It was another great day.

Oh Disney, I miss you already.


  1. I think we are looking forward to Animal Kingdom the most since Abby is absolutely obsessed with animals (we are taking her to the Asheboro Zoo for her bday)! Its good to know that it clears out in the evenings! Love the pics of Katie's face paint! Not sure if Abby would sit still for that! :)

  2. That painting on her face is precious! With my boys, all I ever got was snakes & skulls & dragons & bugs!