March 15, 2011

Disney World Part 2- Epcot

Does anyone know what EPCOT stands for??? I didn't think so. It means Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow. You've learned something today.
Anyway......We spent two days at Epcot. Surprisingly this was Katie's favorite park. She loved riding Test Track. Here she is waiting in line.

She's saying, "I love test track." I caught her mid-sentence.

The first thing we rode was Under the Seas with Nemo and Friends. It was so much fun. You ride in a little shell and travel looking for Nemo. After that you get to talk with Crush the turtle. Katie loved that. Dan and I also took turns riding Mission Space. It's amazing, you really feel like you're blasting off into outer space.
We spent a good part of the day waiting in line to see Mickey and his friends. We waited over an hour but it was all indoors and we got to meet Mickey, Pluto, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. It was totally worth it.

On the way out Katie said she really wanted to see Daisy. We saw her in the magic kingdom one afternoon but they line was crazy long so we didn't get a pictures. Imagine our surprise when we saw her on the way out.

 Epcot also had a flower and garden show going on while we were there. There were amazing topiaries and flowers everywhere. Katie wanted to get her picture taken with all of them.

Day two in Epcot was our last day in the parks. We decided to ride Test Track one more time then tour the World Showcase. We ate lunch in Mexico and saw a movie in China. The best part about the tour was meeting Mulan. Katie had mentioned that she really wanted to meet her. I tried to explain that everyone didn't love her as much as she did but maybe we'd see her. I never expected to. As we were leaving one of the buildings in China, there she was. Katie was thrilled! I'm so glad she was there.
It's so sweet to see Katie interact with the characters. When we met Cinderella she asked what it was like to live in a castle and she asked Belle if the Beast was nice now. The princesses are always in character and made my little girl's dreams come true.


  1. OH what a wonderful trip you had!! You are SUCH a good mommy to document all these events! Priceless!!


  2. I live about an hour & a half from Disney. Do you live in Florida?

    Glad Katie is having a magical time!

    My boys love Test Track too!