June 30, 2011

Watch My Garden Grow

This is the first year we've tried to plant a garden. We had no idea what to do so over easter weekend we bought the stuff to make a little raised bed and planted some vegtable and flower seeds.

We had NO idea this...
 would turn into THIS!

Katie calls it the Jungle of Nool (Horton Hears a Who reference)
It's been fun watching our little garden grow. We have more vegtables than we can eat, still it's nice to be able to pick food from the garden and cook it the same day. Fresh really does make a difference.


  1. Wow! That is amazing! I would love to plant a garden but I have a black thumb! I can't keep monkey grass alive! LOL

  2. I'm so jealous!!! I'm with Jamee....I kill everything that comes from the ground!