July 26, 2011


Today is my 100th post, wow! In honor of this milestone I wanted to list 100 things about me but I’m not that interesting and don’t have that much free time. Instead here are 50.  

 1. My real name is Mamie, not short for anything.

2. I was named after my great grandmother, Mamie Lawton Neely

3. Yep, my middle name is Lawton, well it was, now it’s Neely

4. My dad’s name is also Lawton and there’s more than one in the family.

5. I got sent home from Christian school when I was in kindergarden because my skirt was too short.

6. My mom sewed lace on it and sent me back the same day.

7. My first grade teacher works at the same school Katie will go to this year.

8. I went to the same college where my parents went and met.

9. I met my husband there too.

10. We had 3 first dates before we actually started dating.

11. I live in the same town I grew up in.

12. My parents and sisters have all moved out of town.

13. Alison from aPearantly Sew was my first college roommate.

14. We only lived together a year and we’re still friends.

15. I majored in Broadcast Communications in college.

16. I have the best friends in the world.

17. I play in a Bunco group.

18. I had never played Bunco until I started the group.

19.  I worked at 3 television stations in two different cities in just 5 years.

20. I’ve been a stay at home mom for over 5 years.

21. I started wearing glasses before I turned two.

22. My mom said I could get contacts when I was in 7th grade if I made straight A’s.

23. That’s the one and only time I’ve ever done that.

24. I have no desire to EVER go back to school.

25. I love the beach but I hate sand in my bed.

26. One of my favorite things in the world is swimming.

27. I think I could eat pizza every day of my life.

28. This is really hard to do

29. I’m in a drug trial to control Crohn’s disease

30. I was first diagnosed in 2007

31. Since then I’ve been diagnosed with 3 other chronic illnesses

32. I’ve been sick with something every Christmas since then.

33. My husband and I went to Disney World for part of our honeymoon.

34. It was so much fun.

35. I love going to the movies.

36. I will see a bad movie just for the experience.

37. I love the Gilmore Girls, I’ve seen every episode of every season more than once.

38. I’ve also seen every episode of Saved by the Bell including the movies and college years (big mistake)

39. In college my roommate and I used to watch 90210 and Party of Five every Wednesday night.

40. We also watched a lot of Friends.

41. My college friends and I used to go to the Aloha Motel every spring.

42. It was torn down to build condos a few years ago.

43. I used to like line dancing.

44. I’m naturally messy, I try to change but it’s hard.

45. I’m a very picky eater but I’m getting better.

46.  I don’t enjoy exercise.

47. I can’t stand coffee.

48. I love soda, my favorite is coke in a bottle.

49. I’m incredibly thankful for my life and my family.

50. I’m surprised you read this much.

I f you made it to the bottom congratulations. Do we have anything in common?


  1. I thought I was the only who kept their maiden name as their middle name after getting married! Everyone told me that people didn't do that anymore! Good to know I'm not alone!

    I could also eat pizza every day - well maybe not GF pizza.

    I also love soda - I try really, REALLY hard to quit but so far it hasn't happened.

  2. Well I think the only two we have in common is that we both have the best friends in the world and don't enjoy exercising! Haha!

  3. Loved reading those! We have quite a few things in common... I love Coke too, but my fave is fountain soda kind. I hate to exercise but pretend that I like it sometimes. I met my hubby at GW too. I watched Friends every Thursday night with my girlfriends in Stroup dorm. 90210 was my favorite show... I grew up with those people, graduated high school & college with them & even was preggers at the same time with one of them. Ahh... strolling down memory lane. Fun!

  4. Loved reading that!! Is it totally weird that when I read your blog I totally hear your voice in my head as if you're reading it??? I love it though. You blog just like you think and talk, honest and wonderful.