July 27, 2011

Double Blessings {Newborn Photography - Charlotte, NC}

My cousin had these precious babies last week. A boy and a girl!  I was so excited to meet them and take pictures. They were amazing, so tiny and so perfect. Once we got them to sleep they let me move and shape them however I wanted. I think these are my favorite pictures of the year.

Eli and Katherine

I absolutely love this one. It was a hard shot to get but it turned out great.


  1. Love them!

    My best friend had twin girls a couple weeks ago. They are moving back home to Florida in August. I cannot wait to take pictures of them!!!

    Oh and one of them is also a Katherine! =)

  2. Unbelievably precious. I wish I would have thought to have you take pictures of Ryan when he was so tiny.........but I was totally not in my right mind then! These pictures are totally amazing though.