August 29, 2011

Look out kindergarden, here I come!

5 1/2 years ago I left my job to stay home with my brand new baby girl. I had NO idea what I was doing or how fast the next few years would go by. Katie was a complete surprise to us and I mean SURPRISE! I don't think we would have even had kids if she didn't come along. Oh, but I am SO thankful for her. Some people say they wouldn't change a thing or if they had to do it over again. I don't think I feel that way but I am beyond grateful to have her in my life. Being a mom is definitely the toughest job you'll ever love (kind of like the army?).

going home from the hospital 2 days old

Needless to say, thinking about sending her off to school made me nervous. I still remember pushing her in the stroller talking with some other moms about what school their kids would go to. It felt like a minute from then until now.

I was warned by lots of moms that I would cry. The night before school we read The Kissing Hand. It's about a little raccoon that is going to his first night of school, his mom kisses his hand and says if he feels lonely hold the hand to his cheek and remember, "mommy loves you, mommy loves you." After the story Katie kissed my hand and told me to hold it to my face if I got lonely when she was gone...and then came the tears.

I was fine the next day, still nervous but her excitement helped me not be so afraid for her. She walked straight to class and before I could even say goodbye she had made a friend and was playing. When I picked her up she had the biggest smile on her face. She told me all about the wonders of the lunchroom and the gym and how big the library was.

At just 5 years old I'm already amazed at the person she is. She's so pretty, smart, & brave. I am so, so, so proud to be her mom.


  1. She really is such a pretty, smart and brave little girl!! And you are a FABULOUS mommy!!! I'm so glad she likes Kindergarten!

  2. Glad she enjoyed her first week!!!

    The rest flys by!